10 Factors That Affect A House’s Resale Value

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There are a lot of things that determine a home’s value. Factors may include its physical appearance and surroundings, economical standing, and owner history. These elements can affect a homebuyer’s perception of the property and may result in your property taking longer to be sold as well as having lesser offers and/or offers below the asking price.

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1. Key Location

Location is arguably the most important factor in a home’s resale value. Most real estate agents would often point out that a house is located in a quiet neighborhood or just a couple of minutes away from the nearest supermarket, hospital, business hub, and many more.

2. Proximity To Schools and Childcare

Houses near schools, bus stops, and similar services can help boost its value especially to families with school-age children or those planning to have kids.

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3. A Beautiful View

People love a beautiful view, no matter if it overlooks the beach, a river, or even a breathtaking skyline. Different types of real estate bring different types of scenery, but a house with a garbage dump in front of it will surely bring its selling price down.

4. Great Curb Appeal

Overgrown vines and bushes block a house’s full view and therefore hides its true value as well. A well-maintained lawn with pleasing outside décor can surely bring up its resale value.

5. Well-Functioning Home System

Homebuyers will always pay top dollar for a fully-operational heating and cooling system and a well-maintained plumbing and electrical network. Always check and update these house amenities before listing your property to increase its resale value.

6. Roof Is In Good Shape

A worn-out roof is one of the easiest factors that even the simplest homebuyer can detect. Make sure to invest in replacing or repairing your roof before offering it for sale.

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7. Plenty of Storage Space

We all have stuff, and more space is always a plus. Having ample storage areas in your garage, attic, and other places in your house can give it a big boost in its resale value.

8. More Than One Bathroom

In the current housing market trend, more bathrooms often mean a higher resale value for any property. This is especially appealing to families and even multi-generational groups and will surely raise your property’s resale value.

9. Updated Appliances

Modern and high-quality kitchen and home appliances create a perception that your property is well-kept and relatively new. This will give your selling price a high value to potential buyers.

10. Large Lot

Everyone loves a wide-open space that can be used for a lot of activities. Yes, tending a yard can be a bit of work, but it will always be a plus to most homebuyers.

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Being knowledgeable about what makes a property increase its selling price can be a great advantage to homeowners that wish to sell their houses in the future. Having these factors in mind can help you as a home seller identify and prioritize the needed improvements to your property to raise its resale value.

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